about the project

Babel is an experimental typeface and a series of 3D printed objects, created as a diploma project at Moholy-Nagy University
of Art and Design in 2017. The project is intended to demonstrate the evolutionary ability of abstraction enabling the perceived spatial objects to be mapped as flat images, than converting them into more simplified signs by adding symbolic substances
to become the letters of today’s writing through the use of an autonomous creative method.

The aim of the project is to retrieve letters, as the most basic elements of modern communication to their original state, to the
level of visual representation without underlying meaning, and to form new, different kinds of signs from this image, to point out
that beyond linguistic convention and the integration in the canonical order, there is nothing to distinguish the letters we use today from their archaic prefigurations of pictographic signs.

Referring to the process of visual dismantling and reconstruction, the spontaneous formation of visual signals that remain uninterpretable without lingual embedding, and the architectural look of the letter-constructions placed in real space (like building blocks of communication), the project was named Babel.